Planning Ahead: Establishing Goals & Objectives

By Jennifer Janicki

I’m excited by the progress we’ve made on our campaign so far. Caritas of Waco does such important work in the community and we are eager to contribute to the organization by using our public relations skills. We’ve completed a SWOT analysis, wrote vision and mission statements, and established our key publics.

To help us stay organized and on track with our campaign, we created goals and objectives for the project. First, we defined what we wanted to accomplish into three goals. Our team included goals aimed to manage reputation, relationships and tasks.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 9.31.27 AM.png
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Keeping them broad, we decided to work toward increasing awareness for Hidden Treasures by Caritas, expanding the customer base for the stores and improving social media use. Next, we set measurable objectives to reach our goals in a timely manner.

We tried to use numbers or percentages and make everything quantifiable. Some examples include, increase media coverage of the stores by five percent, increase Facebook page likes by 10 percent and increase advertising presence by five percent.

Photo by Waco Chamber of Commerce

Then, we laid out some tactics to achieve our objectives. These were very specific and focused like, plan and execute a new annual event, promote higher-end merchandise, and consolidate the two Facebook pages into one.

By planning and prioritizing what we hope to accomplish, we will head into the next steps of the project informed and prepared. We now have an idea of what’s to be done and how that will hopefully, positively affect Caritas.

Photo by Jennifer Janicki

As we develop our new event, it will be important to keep these goals at the forefront of our thinking and make sure each decision relates back to our original purpose for the campaign.

We learned in class how goals are important for every organization. While they vary significantly for each, all are essential for progress and eventual success.


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