Measuring Success

By Jennifer Janicki

As we near our final project deadline, it’s important to establish guidelines for evaluating the performance of our suggestions. Although we won’t be performing the evaluation ourselves, we want to ensure we give a complete package to our client, Caritas of Waco, and make it easy for them to measure the success of the campaign.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 4.23.12 PM.png
Video by Bloomberg

To measure the increase in awareness for Hidden Treasures, Caritas can calculate how many customers the Back to School Bash brought in, how many stories about Caritas circulated the news after implementing the campaign and how much communication to supporters increased.

Both Hidden Treasures locations average about 68 customers per day, so a successful event would bring in about 200 people to the store. Since the end goal is awareness, the amount of people at the event is more important than sales volume. Similarly, an increase of 5 percent in media presence and 15 percent in supporter communication would also indicate this first goal of community awareness has been accomplished.

Photo by Andrew Bryngelson

Next, to see if the customer base has been expanded, Caritas could review the results from a perception survey. If the perception has positively improved by five percent, we would have met one of our objectives. Measuring if store traffic has increased by 20 people per week and if print advertising has increased by five percent, would also show if we successfully expanded Caritas’ customer base.

Finally, to show improvement on social media, Hidden Treasures Facebook page likes and engagement should increase by 10 percent, and each post should feature an appealing photo or graphic.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 4.40.02 PM.png
Photo of Hidden Treasures Facebook Page

Overall, an assessment of each of these goals will help Caritas determine if our campaign helped further their mission. Though we attempted to make strategic, attainable suggestions, only time will tell if our plan will have an impact on Caritas, and consequently the Waco community.


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